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The following is a list of registered player who still need to be added to the official roster.

Each registration received is reviewed by the Utah Youth Rugby Registrar to ensure that all the required documentation has been submitted and that the player is eligible to be on a Utah Youth Rugby Member Club Team Roster. Once the registration has been reviewed, the player photo is edited, the player is added to the roster and the player photo is uploaded to roster. This process does take some time and during high volume registration periods, adding a  player to the roster can be delayed.

USA Rugby has confirmed that a player is deemed to be CIPPed from the moment that the player registers with Utah Youth Rugby. Thus, players on both the Pending Players List and the Team Roster may participate in contact practice sessions and matches.

Teams roster checks before matches should include reviewing the official team roster and this Pending Players List. 

This is a live listing and updates each time a player is registered. The list also updates each time a player is added to the roster. This list only shows registered players that have not yet been added to the team roster. Registered will show up on either this list or the official roster, never both.