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Decoding the coaching message

By Dr Ed Coughlan, 08/11/18, 10:00AM MDT


Tips for Coaches

My week unfolds like most others in that it follows a routine of sorts, writes Dr Ed Coughlan.

Part of that routine involves looking up recent contributions from people in the areas of sport science, coaching and skill acquisition to keep abreast of emerging philosophies and evidence of better practice to inform my own work.

It can go from checking out the latest podcasts from my list of reliable sources, to reading some articles in academic journals, to catching up on some well-informed blogs from practitioners in the field, to newspaper articles that speak from the experience of the writer.

One such article that has been added to my weekly routine is the Ronan O’Gara column in this very newspaper.

His insights are reason enough for me to buy the paper.

Not knowing the man other than following his incredible rugby career for Munster and Ireland and in recent times his punditry on television, it was not surprising that his writing would have a directness and honesty about his current experiences as he plots a path to one day becoming a head coach himself.

In fact, the manner in which he has transitioned from player to coach speaks volumes of his appreciation and respect for the different skill-set required in both areas.

Something which could be a lesson to all former top-level players across all sports.