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How Do I Balance My 'Why' with the Demands of the Youth Sports Culture?

By Reed Maltbie, 08/09/18, 9:00AM MDT


Tips for Coaches

We’re writing for the great coaches who do evidence-based work and who coach for all the right reasons. We want you to know you must stand firm on your principles. 

“This season was a disaster.” A former colleague of mine said to me recently.

“We had a ton of fun, the kids learned a lot of new skills and gelled as a team, but we didn’t win as many games as last season.”

“Fun and learning are the two primary things we always wanted out of the experience.” I reminded him.

“Yes, but tell that to my parents. The parents of my best players basically staged a revolt. They came to me at the end of the season and demanded I do away with the equal playing time rule, let a few of my weaker kids go for more experienced players, and do whatever it takes to win more games. They’re 11-years-old.”

“That is not our club,” he continued. “This flies against our mission and values, but if I don’t make some kind of change, those kids will leave. I need those kids for the numbers and to help the team win. Without them, we won’t win anything.”